Whilst all of my products are handmade to a high standard using high quality materials, please read these tips on how to care for your items.

The wire I use is strong yet flexible.  However, wire will only go backwards and forwards so much and constant manipulation of it can cause it to weaken and snap.  I recommend that you do not over handle your items (particularly tiaras) before your big day to help avoid breakages.  When handling your headpieces it is recommended to pick them up by the base.

I advise that you untangle and untwist chains prior to putting them on.  Do this gently without pulling on the chain.

To help prolong the life of stretch bracelets, I would advise rolling the bracelets onto your hand. Constant pulling and over-stretching of the bracelets may weaken the elastic and cause it to snap.

Toiletries such as perfume, hairspray and body lotion contain chemicals that can cause damage to the pearls, metals and other components that I use. I would therefore advise that if you use these products, you should apply them first and allow plenty of time for them to dry before putting on your jewellery.  Hairspray may also tarnish the band of your headpiece, so it should not be used once your headpiece is in place.

All jewellery metal (inc sterling silver) is prone to tarnishing when it comes into contact with air.  When tarnishing occurs the metal loses its shiny finish.  Tarnishing can also occur when metal items come into contact with cosmetic products.  Excessive handling is another common risk as people have different levels of acidity in their skin which can react with the metal.

Please note that tarnishing is a natural occurrence that can happen with any piece regardless of how expensive it is.  Therefore, tarnishing must not be viewed as an indicator of quality.

It is recommended that you keep all items in their original/similar packaging when not being worn.

I am aware that many people experience a reaction to Nickel.   This can be caused by an allergy or due to high acidity levels in your skin.  Here, at  Annaliese Rivers, I am very careful when purchasing components to be used in my jewellery items.  I do not knowingly sell items containing high levels of Nickel.

I hope you have found these tips useful.  However, if you have any other questions then please do not hesitate to contact me.