Applying Shampoo to Hair Properly?

Do you know why shampoo is used? The main function of shampoo is to remove the oil, dirt, sweat particles, dandruff, and pollutants from hair by its surfactant feature. Not everyone is well aware of its use. Applying Shampoo to Hair Properly must be known to avoid ineffective consequences. Shampoo and conditioner are complements of each other. That’s why knowing the exact Ways to Wash Hair Properly with these two is necessary. Let’s know how to apply shampoo and conditioner to the hair properly.

How to Put Shampoo and Conditioner in Effective Ways?

Before starting the discussion, you must know, shampoo is used to extract dandruff, oil particles, sweat, pollutants from hair. On the other hand, conditioner gives nutrition through oil, botanical extracts by creating a thin layer around your hair. Only The Right Order to Use Shampoo and Conditioner While Bathing can solve the problem.

Before applying Shampoo to your hair, you need to make it wet. Dry hair can’t accept shampoo. To make it wet, use cold water. To make it effective, use warm water. Make sure the water is slightly warm. Too much heat can ruin everything.

Take a small amount of shampoo and apply it all over your head. Be careful while rubbing it on your forehead. While applying Shampoo, make sure, you don’t miss the scalp area. The regeneration of new hairs starts from there. You need to provide nutrition.

Spread the shampoo all over your head properly and do the continuous rubbing. After some time, wash it with slightly warm water. Wash the scalp area properly.

Shampoo and Conditioner


Now, apply conditioner to your hair with your hands. Avoid the scalp area while applying Conditioner.

Put the conditioner on hair for 3 minutes at least. Then wash your hair with cold water properly.

When everything is done, and you are ready to leave your bathroom, take a towel and put it on your head. Now, don’t run it on your hair aggressively. Be gentle and squeeze your hair. You just need to absorb the water on the hair surface, no need to extract the conditioning elements too.

Isn’t it simple? If you have noticed there are some little facts regarding applying Shampoo and Conditioner like time, water temperature, and so on. However, because of these small mistakes, applying Shampoo and Conditioner has no effect on our hair. Try to avoid these. Let’s make it clear next time.

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