Key Reasons of Rashes on The Body

having skin rashes

Are you suffering from some red blood shades on your skin? Having Skin Rashes is a great problem nowadays. There is even a bigger problem than Having Skin Rashes. That’s not knowing the Causes of Having Rashes on The Body. Because of not knowing, one is being a victim of it for a long time. Let’s know what are the Key Reasons of Rashes on the Body.

Christmas Tree Rash

It can be found at the chest, abdomen, or back. It starts with a small level and spreads all over the body. Due to allergen contact with the skin, this rash appears.

Contact Dermatitis

It happens due to touching an allergic substance. It appears under the eyes and in the upper arms. Rubber, nickel, dust are the allergens in this case.


Drug Rash

Due to overdose of some kind of drug it happens. Not only overdose, due to nonreactive elements of the drugs especially antibiotics, but it also happens at the back.

Heat Rash

It’s a common rash. It can happen due to heat, too much sweating. The main cause of this humidity reaction is sebum cells in the body.


It can be seen under the breasts, in the abdomen cavity, between toes, under skin folds, and so on. Due to inflammation, it appears. The main reason is moisture reaction within areas of the body. Heat is responsible too.

Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus happens due to mucus glands inflammation. Where mucus areas especially the mouth, peripheral area of the vagina, and other mucus-covered places have this rash.


It’s a common fungal infection. It appears at the neck, on the knee, and underarms often.

These are some common reasons for having a rash on the body. Everything has a quick solution. For further knowledge and to have a Proper prescription, consulting with a doctor will be the best way.

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