Sunblock Versus Sunscreen

Ultra Violet rays

It’s a most awaited topic, Sunblock versus Sunscreen. If you want to figure out the Difference between Sunblock and Sunscreen, you have to know about the terms first. So, let’s know.

What is Sunblock?

Sunblock has a zinc oxide layer or titanium oxide layer on the skin. It has an opaque shape. While it is added to the face, it can be seen when sunlight strikes. It is a physical barrier, used to defend the soft skin cells from the Ultra Violet rays of the sun.

Sunblock versus Sunscreen

What is Sunscreen?

Sunscreen on the other hand is a chemical Product. It has Para-aminobenzoic acid, commonly known as PABA, oxybenzone, avobenzone, and so on. When it is applied to the skin, it is absorbed by the skin properly. It creates a layer on skin cells. It absorbs the UltraViolet ray from the sun before penetrating the cells.

Using Sunscreen Vs Sunblock debate will never end if you don’t figure it out logically. First, you need to look at your needs and your skin conditions. If you are roaming around an area where there is no shade, applying sunscreen will have no effect. You need to put sunblock in that case.

Again, if you have allergies to special types of elements then avoiding sunscreen will be best. It has PABA, oxybenzone which is harmful as allergens.

So, first, find out the problems like-

  1. Where you are living/ where you are going based on temperature
  2. Do you have any skin disease?
  3. Does your skin get dried up often?
  4. Do you have an allergy to zinc oxide?

Answer the questions by yourself, you’ll understand what will be best for you, Sunscreen or sunblock. We hope this article will help you to clear the Differences between sunscreen and sunblock and how to use it with respect to nature.

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